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Hall Technologies Announces the Launch of HIVE Control

Hall Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer in the AV industry, announces their latest leap in technology innovation, HIVE Control. This scalable and affordable AV solution leverages the best in modern IoT, legacy control, and automation. HIVE Control will offer major improvements to the industry’s three major pillars of AV control technology: software, interface, and hardware.

HIVE Control is comprised of three key elements:

  • HIVE Cloud Control provides users with 24/7 control to configure, manage, and service multiple clients from anywhere in the world. This subscription-based asset management platform allows users to connect an unlimited number of rooms under one subscription for quick and easy integration and infinite scalability.
  • Unlike other AV control systems on the market, HIVE Control utilizes a node-based architecture that does not require the need to maintain a centralized server or the purchase of gateway devices. Instead, the HIVE Touch and HIVE Node are designed to directly connect to all existing AV hardware, including legacy devices without the need for programming.
  • The HIVE Touch is an all-in-one, elegant touch panel display engineered to seamlessly control any ProAV hardware and automation devices in a room. The HIVE Touch is adaptable to any space and application.

“HIVE Control’s advanced design and features make the system truly unique in the AV industry,” said Jason Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of Hall Technologies. “With this cutting-edge technology, we are the first to bring REST API to the Pro AV industry, and feel proud to offer a world-class solution that sets a new standard in AV control and integration.”

The innovative HIVE Control system is a solution to frequent issues seen in hospitality settings. For more than three decades, Hall Technologies, formerly known as Hall Research, has designed state-of-the-art, pro AV products to solve problems seen in various applications and meet the needs of a continually evolving industry.

HIVE Control is the first of many holistic solutions the brand will launch over the course of the year, including their newest presentation switcher, the EMCEE200. The EMCEE200 is HIVE compatible and gives presenters and educators the ability to confidently present their content at up to 4K@60 with zero latency, and in multiview form, record to an external storage device or capture it in 4K to stream live.

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