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Guestroom / In-room

Lighting and thermostat automation increase guest satisfaction and offer hotel cost savings, improved operations.

The Exterity IPTV system includes in-room guest services such as welcome messages, channel list, weather forecast, information on local attractions, the ability to order room service through the TV, RSS feeds and more.

Roxy was built from the ground up for the hotel industry; offers hotels full control over the persona, services and information with which guests interact.

Nonius will offer solutions for guest internet access, Wi-Fi management, the latest casting technology for Android and Apple devices, interactive IPTV, mobile app, cabling and network management.

Developed by Arowana Consulting, Houdini allows guests to control hotel room IoT items.

vuTyme 4.4 is equipped with Emergency Alert Messaging to dramatically improve hotel guests and staff safety.

Innovative hotel companies focus on digital engagement to appeal to mobile, hyper-connected guests.

Creator of interactive guest room assistant to compete in leading start-up competition at HITEC Toronto 2017

From pre- to post-stay, how hotels can benefit from enabling seamless experiences. Sponsored.

ADB executes vuTyme on LG set-top devices and LG Pro:Centric SmartTVs; SmartTVs eliminate the need for the in-room STB.

While it is easy to purchase tablets and build customized apps, Peninsula Hotels found it much more difficult to manage and secure the devices on their own.

Technology spending and allocations reset as hoteliers put laser focus on driving direct reservations through customer analytics. Sponsored.

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