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A Guest Engagement Platform for Differentiated, On-Brand Loyalty

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Company name: Thanx

Product: Thanx is the #1 guest engagement platform for differentiated, on-brand loyalty focused on access, exclusivity, and personalization.


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Thanx helps brands grow customer lifetime value through flexible, self-service loyalty programs and easy-to-use lifecycle marketing campaigns and automation. Thanx loyalty programs and marketing tools focus on access, exclusivity, and personalization over static, discount-focused programs that are both expensive and brand-devaluing. Thanx’s proprietary credit card tokenization technology dramatically increases the accuracy and volume of enrollments and purchase data captured within our CRM.

Thanx is different from traditional loyalty and guest engagement platforms:

  • With Thanx, create on-brand loyalty programs that capture more data and are not discount-dependent. The Thanx platform includes a comprehensive offering of self-service loyalty tools (points, tiers, or both!) that empower brands with total control to create and adapt a loyalty program unique to their brand. Thanx offers a variety of non-discount reward templates, and advanced reporting, so brands can easily identify which rewards work, and which don’t.
  • Thanx’s loyalty-integrated ordering experiences win and retain customers on first-party channels. Thanx builds mobile apps, web ordering, and digital interfaces that are not just on-brand and convenient for guests but more importantly, are optimized for loyalty enrollment and participation. Thanx restaurants achieve industry-leading enrollment. 100% of online customers become loyalty members and no mobile app is required to participate in loyalty. Thanx customers see 15x more signups than leading competitors.
  • Leverage sophisticated marketing automation that is easy to use and drives measurable revenue. Thanx includes a complete multi-channel (email, SMS, push, in-app) campaign automation engine designed to make data-driven marketing easy. 
  • Thanx is a modern platform designed for interoperability and data portability. Thanx offers a flexible loyalty engine, built on the latest data and open API infrastructure which means it is simple to connect customer data across technology systems. 
  • Comprehensive enablement that includes a dedicated implementation manager, fully-managed user support, live chat with product experts, and industry-leading response times.

Restaurant brands on Thanx see measurable results:

  • >30% program participation within 6 months of launch.
  • 15% more loyalty visits than competing platforms
  • 3x better conversion to 3rd purchase than competing platforms
  • 4.9 average app store rating
“We found a partner in Thanx because they were equally as passionate about building a program that improved our bottom line without relying on traditional discounts, and instead moving towards offering exclusivity and access to our guests.” -Cassie Cooper, Director of Marketing, Velvet Taco

“At-a-Glance” Information

  • Loyalty and guest engagement platform for restaurants
  • Non-Discount Rewards - a comprehensive suite of non-discount reward options to drive revenue without expensive discounts.
  • Sophisticated Marketing Automation Engine - Evaluate your customer funnel to understand conversion and improve critical metrics like 3rd purchase conversion in one click.
  • One-Click A/B Testing - Improve your campaign ROI with A/B/C/D testing of ongoing and automated campaigns. Measure engagement, revenue, sign-ups, and redemptions across variants.
  • Easy-to-use Self-Service Platform - Change your loyalty program structure, branding, or branded app content anytime. Constantly evolve your program and content with our self-service loyalty designer and CMS.
  • Rewards Marketplace - Create and edit rewards, assign and adjust values, and set expiration dates, anytime, in real time. Customers can choose from a variety of rewards for a more personalized experience.

Existing customers for this technology include: