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GroupRevMax Launches Online Meeting Booking for Hotel Websites

GroupRevMax launched GroupRevMax Meeting Booker, a component that enables hotel websites to sell complete meeting packages including guest rooms, meeting space, Food & Beverage and Audio Visual Equipment online and enable credit card payments. While the largest hotel franchises have this on their website, the rest of the industry has been lacking this and is at a competitive disadvantage. GroupRevMax hopes to level the playing field with this release.
In an era where a many people value instant results over human interaction, this feature will satisfy that need while also reducing the load on sales teams, who no longer have to send proposal, contracts, etc. for small meetings booked online. Many small meetings are organized by busy executives, so offering other time saving features like rebooking a meeting based on a past meeting that will improve repeat business.
The birth of online travel agencies came about primarily for comparing hotels. But OTA growth was also fueled by the fact that hotels at the time lacked a good booking engine on their own website. Now the industry is focusing on direct bookings while a similar process is underway in the group segment with third parties allowing meeting booking online and charging hotels a commission. So, hotels have to allow small meetings to be booked online sooner rather than later.

The Hotel Industry so far hasn't been able to do this since the third parties were the same companies offering this solution and were charging a commission for sales that originated on the hotel's website. The alternative of developing something in-house for group sales was also not viable for most hotels since they lack the IT capability. GroupRevMax solves this problem by offering the solution commission free.
Another reason for lack of adoption was that while the industry has adopted automatic guest room pricing, pricing a meeting package still remains a manual task at most hotels. GroupRevMax solves this problem with a rules based pricing engine that is already used by sales teams in many hotels to price the sales that come through the existing RFP route.

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