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Greystone Hotels Unveils "SmArtGallery" Digital Art Gallery

San Francisco based Greystone Hotels announces the completed installation of their first digital art gallery in the lobby of the Empress Hotel in La Jolla, CA. “SmArtGallery” features four HD digital art screens installed and curated on a monthly basis by Daylighted, a San Francisco based art consultancy company. The Empress SmArtGallery features three 50” HD portrait screens and one 55” HD landscape screen.
The installation is the first for Greystone Hotels with plans to install several more inside their California independent boutique hotels. SmArtGalleries’ collections are curated by Daylighted via a cloud based management system. Daylighted partners with local artists and galleries to provide the hotels with a fresh decoration that supports the local art communities. For the Empress Hotel, Daylighted has created exhibitions with Distinction Art Gallery, Adelman Gallery, Aaron Goulding ocean photographer and others artists and galleries from La Jolla and San Diego art scene. Daylighted curates a portfolio of thousands of artworks that hotels can choose from to adapt the decoration to any moment of the day.
“Combining technology and art, what could be better!” said Greystone Hotels President, Eric Horodas. “With Daylighted’s highly curated library providing the ability to feature local art and artists, this partnership will only serve to create a more robust, exceptional guest experience. As we continue to implement products and features that only enhance the guest experience in all of our properties, this partnership with Daylighted and the ability to showcase art, artists and galleries from around the world is something we could not be more excited about.”
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