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Grand Casino Hotel and Resort Wows Guests with 90-foot LED Video Wall Display

The Grand Casino Hotel and Resort is a premier gaming and resort destination in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The casino features more than 125,000 square feet of gaming space filled with more than 2,000 of the newest Vegas-style slots. In 2019, the Grand Casino Hotel and Resort wanted to “wow” their patrons and take their resort and casino experience to the next level. So, it decided to install a 90-foot-wide LED video wall display. Several companies worked together for many months planning, preparing and providing onsite support for this project: Ion Visual Solutions, Premier Mounts and Samsung.

Before the LED wall installation, the casino already had in place high quality projectors blended across the vast space to broadcast all the events, activities and entertainment offered at the casino, but the overall effect was not as impactful as Grand Casino executives would have liked.

“Our facility needed a better replacement for our projectors that were used above the buffet area. The idea of replacing those projectors was to deliver a better visual experience for the patrons of our casino,” said JT Summerlin, Grand Casino. So, the decision was made to switch to a direct-view LED wall which brought bolder and brighter video resolutions, creating a more visually immersive guest experience.

However, the casino faced a challenge. The rectangular LED displays needed to be installed on a long, curved, convex and concave wall with an inside radius that transitions to a straight portion that transitions to an outside radius. This would require a customized mount by Premier Mounts that would focus on Z alignment, eliminating all seams and delivering a visually impactful video wall for the client. Premier Mounts developed and designed a special mounting solution for this curved LED wall project. Their manufacturing abilities allowed for them to create the pieces down to the exact millimeter of the casino’s existing architecture.

The mounts went up quickly, but hanging the LED panels was a bit slower due to the complex angles that the wall structure possessed. Once the LED panels were up, only minimal adjustments were needed to fine tune alignment. The installation was also managed in a way where patrons of the casino were not inhibited or obstructed as the project progressed towards completion.

Due to the size and scope of this project, having the right installers and companies collaborating together was integral to delivering a stunning result. Samsung, Premier Mounts, and Ion Visual teams installed 216 cabinets of IH040H-D LED, measuring 89.4 feet by 9.4 feet with an overall resolution of 6840x720 pixels.

“With the addition of this new video wall, our entire architecture has been transformed to create a digital canvas which captures attention as soon as anyone walks in the room,” adds Summerlin.

The project was completed in March of 2019.


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