GoTab Goes Beyond Contactless Ordering & Payment for Hospitality Operators

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
Restaurant commerce platform unveils integrations with Postmates and 7shifts.

Restaurant commerce platform GoTab, Inc. reveals new integrations and innovative features meant to provide operators with actionable data, as well as smart, adaptable and easy-to-use tools for optimal business operations.

A one-stop shop for all transaction needs, GoTab's features are created around the proprietary tab functions.

The GoTab system is designed to be an integrated or stand-alone service, requiring minimal setup. A full cloud-based system, it requires no additional hardware, software or support costs and works seamlessly for takeout and delivery service, providing the same ease and convenience as in-venue dining. 

A new feature launching just in time for the holiday season is fixed duration menus, which operators can leverage to promote and offer special food offerings for a set window of time (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.).

Delivery & Postmates Integration

With GoTab's virtual deployment, operators are able to quickly set up takeout and delivery. Native GoTab features provide an efficient new model for operators to effectively serve their customers. They include: geofencing of delivery areas through Google Maps API, support for unlimited delivery addresses on customer profiles, delivery address verification through Google Maps API, route optimization for drivers by time or distance, and printed packing slip generator. GoTab also delivers a messaging interface for drivers to contact customers on their delivery route. The latest integration with Postmates provides flexibility to operators who want to satisfy customer demand for food delivery without taking on the financial costs of third-party ordering. GoTab seamlessly integrates delivery couriers to first-party ordering, opening new revenue channels for operators while satisfying customers willing to pay for the convenience of delivery.

7shifts Integration

With the GoTab/7shifts integration, hospitality operators can access a single view of real-time sales and labor data to make critical operational decisions. The integration displays labor costs vs. sales allowing operators to manage staffing and review labor KPIs, both on the 7shifts app and website. It also facilitates the merging of tip data from GoTab with 7shifts clock-in data to easily calculate payroll and tip distribution.


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