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Google 5-Star Helps MOOYAH Motivate Staff, Improve Guest Communication

Staff retention has increased since MOOYAH added Google 5 Star Service Program.
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MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes is continuing its Google 5-Star Service Program throughout 2019.

The burger franchise announced it has seen success from its team members as a result of implementing the program on January 1, 2019. MOOYAH said the number of its 5-star Google reviews had increased 300% since the same time last year.

“To enhance profitability at the franchisee level in 2019, MOOYAH seeks to increase its feedback volume, placing emphasis on the amount of online reviews we receive,” said Natalie Anderson-Liu, Vice President of Brand for MOOYAH. “…The 5-Star Service Program allows us to specifically target areas of opportunity, both system-wide and at an individual store level, to help franchisees and their Team Members create a 5-Star Guest experience.”

As of the end of the first quarter of 2019, MOOYAH’s system-wide average star rating had a year-over-year increase from an average star rating of 4.24 stars to 4.51. Additionally, the brand saw a jump in the number of total reviews. The final quarter of 2018 calculated a total of 2,903 reviews (of which 1,669 were 5-star reviews) and rose to 6,097 reviews by the end of 2019’s Q1.

MOOYAH saw its overall 4.28 star rating in December 2018 increase to 4.6 in January 2019. Throughout February and March, MOOYAH has seen some fluctuation in its average Google rating; however, its average star rating has landed between 4.43 to 4.5.

Of the MOOYAH restaurants, 10 were identified for receiving the highest number of reviews and average to above-average ratings in the first quarter of 2019. MOOYAH’s Billings, Montana, location tops the list with 314 reviews and an average 4.85 star rating, closely followed by Metairie, La., with 235 reviews and an average star rating of 4.77.

Data from the end of the first quarter of 2019 indicated that the most improved location is Sherman, Texas, which more than doubled its feedback from 40 reviews to 98 reviews, and saw an increase from a 3.98 average star rating to 4.5 by the end of 2019’s Q1.

By rewarding team members throughout the program, employee retention rates have risen. MOOYAH announced that 92 team members were recognized with gifts this past quarter.

“The 5-Star Service Program has proven its importance to MOOYAH, displaying a means to connect with our Team Members in a way that matters to them. This program allows us to recognize to those people who are working really hard and are the heart of our brand,” said Anderson-Liu.

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