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Gatti's Pizza Selects Revention as Preferred POS Provider

This year Gatti’s Pizza has selected Revention as their POS provider for all of their corporate and franchisee locations. Revention was installed at over 32% of the Gatti’s locations.
Gatti’s has now chosen to provide an incentive for all of their franchisees to switch to Revention. This will provide all franchise owners the best tools they need to run their day to day operation, and will allow corporate to facilitate their belief in one brand, one system.
“Having one POS provider will ensure that infrastructures are equalized across the brand and that we are all speaking the same language,” states Scott Kelly, Gatti’s Vice President of Technology & Entertainment, “Basically, it will make all our lives easier. Plus, the fact that they can call into Revention Customer Service anytime day or night and talk to someone is a huge sleep-better-at-night element for us.”

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