Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh Launches Apps with Online Ordering

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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The Paytronix Rewards platform and Olo online ordering are seamlessly integrated. This will help Garbanzo get closer to its goal of driving more than 50% of transactions through its rewards program.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh has gone live with the new Paytronix branded apps, which include native online ordering, a self-service content management system and a new UI/UX. Seamlessly integrating the Paytronix Rewards platform with Olo online ordering, the apps will help Garbanzo get closer to its goal of driving more than 50 percent of transactions through the Garbanzo V.I.B. Rewards program.

James Park, CEO of Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

 "A lot of companies layer multiple technologies into their apps only to produce a highly frustrating, wonky customer experience. The new Paytronix apps tightly integrate both Paytronix loyalty and Olo online ordering so that the guest experience is effortless and frictionless,” said James Park, CEO of Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh. “Our goal at Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh is to drive 51 percent of transactions through the Garbanzo V.I.B. Rewards program, which is the most reliable channel for customer communications and feedback, and the updated Paytronix apps will help increase both our in-store and online sales.”

  • Restaurants are eagerly expanding into new channels, such as delivery, catering and online ordering, that help grow sales. For fast-casual brand Garbanzo, the upgraded mobile apps enable guests to order ahead, quickly identify themselves at the POS and then pick up an order that is ready and waiting for them. The updated Paytronix Mobile App includes:
  • Customization – Enables Garbanzo to customize the look and feel to match its unique brand. With in-app, geofencing, and push messages, Garbanzo can send out an “order now” push message to its apps that will instantly increase revenue. Garbanzo sets and sends new campaigns within minutes. Plus, in -app surveys enable immediate, actionable guest feedback. 
  • App Ordering – Integrates Olo online ordering and the Paytronix Rewards platform directly into the mobile apps to provide guests with an intuitive ordering flow. Single sign-on integration means the guest only has to identify themselves once for ordering and loyalty. 
  • App Content Management – Enables Garbanzo to change the look and feel of its apps with new colors, fonts and images as the promotional calendar changes, the brand evolves, and as guests demand more. The new app design eliminates the need to release new app versions to the Android and Apple stores.