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Fresh Item Management Solution Offers Recipe & Menu Management Capabilities

Symphony GOLD, provider of the GOLD unified software platform for retail, has enhanced its Fresh Item Management (FIM) solution, adding the ability to optimize the ordering and management of recipe ingredients through the entire supply chain, from farm to table. The new capabilities are aimed at convenience food restaurant chains and retailers who are increasingly allocating store space to the preparation of fresh food, either to consume on-site or to take away. 
The new Fresh Item Management modules are based on Symphony GOLD’s inventory management and replenishment engine to forecast the consumption of specific recipes in each outlet, ensuring that demand is met while keeping food waste to an absolute minimum. 
The extended capabilities of GOLD Fresh Item Management help providers to forecast accurately, while allowing for variations in consumer consumption habits, seasonal availability of ingredients, and evolving food regulations and requirements. All components of both standard recipes and made-to-order items are fully trackable. Inventory and replenishment, cost analysis, nutritional information, food safety and forecasting are all linked directly to the entire supply chain via the GOLD platform.
Additional Fresh Item Management functionality includes:
Recipe Management: Workflow and Authorization - Recipes can be assigned to individual kitchens across the organization for designated production levels.
Production & Inventory Management: Ingredients and Finished Goods - Individual ingredients and completed goods can be tracked to ensure that overall inventory levels are optimized for forecasted sales, and that each location is producing the correct amount of finished goods to reduce shortages and waste.
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