Fourteen Foods Partners with xtraCHEF

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Fourteen Foods, an operator of 200+ Dairy Queen franchises, signed on to use xtraCHEF's automated invoice processing and cost management solution.

xtraCHEF, a cloud-based restaurant management platform, announced an enterprise partnership with Fourteen Foods, one of the largest Dairy Queen (DQ) franchises in the United States. xtraCHEF’s automated invoice processing and cost management solution will add operational efficiencies, increased oversight and improved cash management across more than 200 Dairy Queen Grill & Chill restaurants and Dairy Queen Braziers around the country.

“xtraCHEF will reduce the amount of time and effort our AP team spends on processing invoices," said Chad Underwood, VP of Finance at Fourteen Foods. “In addition to those savings, we are excited about the additional oversight and visibility that their platform will allow.”

Fourteen Foods will benefit from xtraCHEF’s accounts payable management software by automating the time-consuming, manual process of keying invoice information into Microsoft Dynamics, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software used by Fourteen Foods. xtraCHEF’s technology will digitize line-item details from all corporate invoices - such as phone, cable, utility, etc. – and deliver the accurate data to Microsoft Dynamics within 24 hours of capture. xtraCHEF also offers advanced AP features, such as the ability to split invoice amounts across multiple cost centers and automatically reconcile periodic vendor statements against invoices and invoice totals in the system.

Fourteen Foods’ management team will be able to configure multi-level, invoice approval workflows to ensure that bills meeting certain criteria are reviewed and approved by appropriate personnel before exporting to Microsoft Dynamics for payment. xtraCHEF enables both their leadership and operations teams the ability to track pricing trends and leverage purchase history data to inform vendor negotiations.