FOUND Hotels Implements Advanced Wi-Fi Network

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has been selected by FOUND Hotels to provide advanced Wi-Fi network functionality for its two recently opened locations in Chicago and San Francisco. Serving as a collection of authentic, locally driven properties that redefine the concept of luxury for modern-day travelers, FOUND Hotels can now ensure that guests staying at either property are able to experience a fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi network that can fulfill all of the latest online needs.

With seamless online connectivity recognized as a critical factor in obtaining full satisfaction and in meeting guest expectations, FOUND Hotels leadership sought out a reputable network provider that could implement a customized solution capable of addressing the needs of its overwhelmingly millennial demographic. Ultimately selecting Hotel Internet Services due to the company's expertise and ability in meeting such requirements, FOUND leadership was able to implement a network infrastructure that could ensure a strong and consistent signal throughout both properties. This was achieved via the HIS ability to strategically install advanced Ruckus Wi-Fi access points in order to provide adequate coverage in all hotel areas, including private and shared rooms as well as co-working spaces and lounges. With such network infrastructure in place, guests staying at either the 60-room Chicago property or 75-room San Francisco location are able to experience a reliable and fast Wi-Fi signal regardless of the number of devices that they attempt to connect.

"While effective Wi-Fi has become one of the most demanded services by guests throughout the hospitality industry, this is especially a necessity for us considering our target millennial demographic and company focus on building shared community experiences," says Yaminah Mayta, Director of Marketing at FOUND Hotels. "Partnering with HIS was the best decision from the start as their technicians were willing to listen to our needs and ultimately create a cost-effective network infrastructure capable of accommodating the most bandwidth intensive guest online behaviors. With HIS' in-depth industry knowledge of online capabilities, we are even able to leverage our networks to further enhance our guest loyalty objectives."

In working with HIS, FOUND Hotels was also able to implement a customized Wi-Fi login page that can capture the email addresses of guests. Company leadership can then leverage such information to maximize their marketing campaign and retargeting efforts. Further ensuring that each guest is guaranteed to receive an optimal online experience, HIS also provides FOUND Hotels' Chicago and San Francisco locations with the ability to monitor network health in real time as well as the ability to maintain direct control over usage at all times.

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