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Food Safety Terminal Saves Thousands of Dollars in Reducing Waste

TransAct Technologies Incorporated has added the new Ithaca® 9700 food safety terminal to its Ithaca point of sale printers and full line of supplies and services. The Ithaca 9700 food safety terminal saves time, cuts food waste, reduces labor costs and reduces the risk of food spoilage in restaurant and food service settings.  Companies using the Ithaca 9700 report a two-hour time savings per day, an annual savings of $2,000 through the reduction of food waste and a 100% increase in the accuracy of their food labels. 
With its large, easy-to-read 8.4-inch color touch screen display, the Ithaca 9700 quickly prints easy-to-read expiration and “enjoy by” date labels, making food spoilage much more manageable.  In addition, the PC-based terminal allows operators to quickly change their menu items, print accurate calorie counts on food items and generate accurate “prep” and “grab-and-go” labels via an internal real-time clock.  Available in 1- or 2-printer configurations, the 9700 offers simple drop-in label loading and can handle a variety of label widths and lengths.
Since the start of production in October 2012, the Ithaca 9700 has proven its ability to drive efficiency and operational benefits for quick service and casual restaurants.  Uniquely positioned to help all foodservice providers better comply with federal, state and local regulations, the Company has participated in trials for over 100 potential Ithaca 9700 customers, encompassing over 60 restaurant companies in six countries and representing an attractive aggregate opportunity of approximately 60,000 terminals.  The Company’s ongoing work with customers to further customize the terminal and improve its design and operation continues to enhance its customer appeal, leading to growth in traction with customers worldwide which should ultimately result in continued acceptance of this innovative solution. 
In addition to the Ithaca 9700 terminal, TransAct also features the Ithaca 9000, a versatile, multi-function solution that allows foodservice vendors to print receipts, sticky grill labels and sticky custom beverage labels from one printer.  Featuring the industry’s fastest print speed at 12 inches per second, the Ithaca 9000 accommodates plain or sticky thermal paper of three different sizes and can automatically sense the paper size loaded and reconfigure itself accordingly.
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