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Flexible Complexity: POS Yoga Master Wanted


Is the point of sale at a breaking point? Yes, for those clinging to systems that are rigid and closed. If the findings from Hospitality Technology’s 2020 POS Software Trends Report are any indication, those companies are increasingly rare. 

Rather than fracturing under the weight of demands placed upon it, the POS is becoming an amalgamation of capabilities, with operators and suppliers seeking enhanced functionalities. Digging through responses from operators and suppliers, the calls for flexibility were so ubiquitous it felt like I was reading an ad for a yoga instructor. A quick Google search of “desired characteristics for a yoga instructor” mirrors what is being sought in today’s POS software.

1.  Ability to Connect – to everything! Integration is key.

2. Presence – A good POS will remove friction, making both diners and employees want to interact with it because of ease of use and empowerment.  

3. Preparation – Systems need to always be prepared (Yoga instructor or Boy Scout – your choice) for: using data to understand guests, addressing EMV, enabling new payments, mobile POS, and more. (See page 11 for a full list.) 

4. Flexibility – The flexibility trait is two-fold. POS solutions must provide diners with choices for how, where and when they interact with a brand. Second, operators seek systems that will provide the option for robust integrations.

5. Attention to Detail – Operators are calling for robust POS platforms that will make sure every aspect of service and operations are executed properly.

The POS landscape is changing by the minute. Evolving payment and ordering preferences have operators bending over backwards to make things easier for guests. These shifts will require a reinvigorated focus on agility and a willingness to stretch what had been the narrow boundaries of legacy POS.  Namaste.





Photo by Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) on Unsplash

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