Fastpayhotels Connects 500 Hotels per Day Through DerbySoft

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

DerbySoft, a provider of high-performance distribution services, and Fastpayhotels, a B2B accommodation distribution platform, hit an industry milestone by delivering connectivity speeds of 500 hotels per day through DerbySoft technology.

As well as hitting an industry first, DerbySoft and Fastpayhotels have also shortened the connectivity time for properties to go into pilot status by to under a month. This automated connection is a huge focus for both Fastpayhotels and DerbySoft, which increases the speed to market for suppliers and distributors. This shortened timeframe also proves the incredible value in Fastpayhotels’ focus on automation and DerbySoft’s streamlined connectivity technology.

“As a tech enabled business, we are excited to be able to have reached this feat. At a time when so many of our accommodation partners are leaving cumbersome and expensive static rates behind and opting low effort dynamic rates, speed of execution is a core value,” said Elodie Leunen, Deputy CEO at Fastpayhotels. “We have now optimized our platform so that no accommodation partner needs to see connectivity as a barrier to sales.”

Considering the challenging environment the industry has faced, Fastpayhotels has created connectivity partnerships with 13 of the 15 top global hotel chains in its 5-year history. Half of these are located in the United States where hotels stays have been on a steady uptick since late 2020 despite the pandemic. Fastpayhotels and DerbySoft are partnering together to further connect vacation rentals, traditional hotels and alternative accommodations at an even quicker speed to market by the end of the year.

“Our partnership with Fastpayhotels proves that great technology can be done simpler than ever before,” states Duane Overgaard, President of Connectivity for DerbySoft. “Between their automation and our streamlined connectivity, reaching the end goal of 50,000 hotels connected between the two tech companies by the end of 2021 is attainable.”

As vacation rentals, traditional hotels and alternative accommodation look to lower costs and improve efficiency through the use of dynamic rates, Fastpayhotels and DerbySoft continue to try and reduce time to market for all their accommodation partnerships.

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