Exponential Interactive Launches a New Business Division:

Exponential Interactive announces the launch of, a new division that creates and executes personalized, video-driven advertising campaigns for brands across screens. VDX, which stands for Video-Driven Experiences, starts with a brand’s TV and video ad messaging, and creates a dynamic ad experience that is customizable for different consumer segments or contexts. With solutions that specifically address challenges in each industry vertical, allows brands to amplify their message to their most relevant consumers and leverage video messaging to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Consumer media consumption habits have been evolving considerably; over 75 percent of consumers currently own a smart or connected TV and they are increasingly watching TV content on their personal devices. These changes enable some TV ad inventory to be addressable at the household level and to personal devices. Keeping pace with these changes, helps brands amplify their video messaging to relevant consumers on their connected TVs (CTVs), while they are watching TV content on their personal devices, and while they are consuming any type of digital content on their mobile devices and laptops.

Furthermore, multiple members of a household often influence the buying decision. This is particularly true when it comes to decisions within the Automotive, Retail, Restaurant and Travel industries. By reaching all members of a household on all devices, brands can amplify their messaging and tip the scale in their favor to convert awareness into action.’s solutions take industry-specific challenges into account. For example, a restaurant chain may want to drive consumers to visit the restaurant’s physical locations. In this case, would serve the ad across TV or personal devices, and primarily to households a mile or two from each restaurant location. It could contain the address of the closest location, special offers specific to that location, and/or a map of all locations near the consumer. This ensures the ad feels personal and hyperlocal, even if it is running the same video creative as the national broadcast TV spot.