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Expedia Announces Global Availability for Expedia PartnerCentral Property Analytics

Expedia, Inc., an online travel company, announced global availability for Expedia PartnerCentral (EPC) Property Analytics, an advanced, action-driven insights tool for hotel partners. EPC Property Analytics leverages the latest property, competitive set and market data to help properties make informed decisions to maximize their bookings and revenue.

With a focus on driving value-add technology, marketing and data solutions for its partners, Expedia developed EPC Property Analytics to address hotel partner needs. Many hotels have to review and analyze numerous reports to evaluate performance, often with very little detail or contextual information, making the process time-intensive and arduous. EPC Property Analytics combines multiple aspects of the revenue equation in one semi-customizable view, providing hotels with easily digestible information to make revenue management decisions that can help maximize their offerings.

From visitors to conversion to ADR, revenue-impacting aspects of a property are accessible in EPC Property Analytics. Solutions offered include visibility of the property, conversion of customers to bookers, and guest value. With its semi-customizable reporting, hotels can view data for any given time period and compare against their own performance or their competitive set. Data is refreshed every 24 hours for accurate, up-to-date reporting. EPC Property Analytics also features Smart Suggested Actions, which notify hotels of potential problems – from minor concerns to major issues – so they can focus on immediate challenges and implement a solution.

EPC Property Analytics was tested with hotel partners in several global markets, and is now available in multiple languages to partners around the world.

“EPC Property Analytics is definitely valuable in that I can see the trends within the competitive set in order to, on a go forward basis, try and fall more in line with the market rather than being on an island,” said Galen Coles, area revenue analyst, Two Roads Hospitality.

Partners can learn more about Expedia PartnerCentral, including EPC Property Analytics, on the Discover EPC blog.

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