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Executive Insight Q&A: Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi and a Streamlined Guest Network

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Ben Rushlow, Sr. Sales Engineer, National Accounts, Cox Business
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Micky Barrera, National Account Manager, Cox Business

Please tell our audience of restaurant operators your thoughts about the operational benefits of implementing managed Wi-Fi.

Our Managed Wi-Fi Solution provides restaurant operators the convenience of having their devices on a single network without any wiring. We provide internal and external access points, connecting devices for both operators and guests.   

With our solution, restaurant owners can provide complimentary Wi-Fi, and engage with guests via their restaurant’s splash page or website. This too creates an opportunity for operators to advertise menu specials directly to their guests. 

Our Cox Business technicians professionally install the solution, coordinate and manage any requested upgrades or necessary repairs. Perhaps the best advantage is the 24/7 support we provide, which gives owners and operators the freedom to do the work that is key to keeping their business successful.  

What are the benefits of a streamlined guest network? 

Our streamlined guest network assists operators in accessing on-line applications. We provide a secure network by segmenting business and customer access, thus helping to protect your business network from an outside breach.

In regards to marketing opportunities for your business, our network can support landing pages and websites.  Our analytics can track how many guests are in your store, the website pages they are viewing, the date and time of their visit, and how long they stayed.  

What are some critical considerations for restaurants and bars seeking to implement managed Wi-Fi, such as such as a timetable and hardware?

When setting up a managed Wi-FI solution, critical considerations are knowing the restaurant’s total and average capacity, the peak hours of operation, and the mix of inside-and-outside traffic. This information gives us an idea of the bandwidth or speed your restaurant requires, as well as how many access points are necessary to help provide maximum coverage and a great guest experience. 

Security is top-of-mind for both restaurant operators and their guests.  How does your Managed Wi-Fi Solution for Business Internet address security?

We at Cox Business place the utmost priority on security. Utilizing state of the art technology, we provide leading edge solutions for Wi-Fi security such as Intrusion Prevention and Detection Systems, Content filtering, Anti-virus and Malware protection, and Network Segmentation, all the while maintaining a payment card industry-compliant solution. We put our solutions into play to secure your Wi-Fi network, helping to enable a safe and secure environment for both you and your guests. 

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