EV Hotel Reveals Meaning of Brand's Abbreviation

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

EV Hotel has announced the meaning of "EV" in the company's name: Evolution Venue. 

“What we are doing is to create an experience that brings hospitality back and gives it life again. Innovation is a team sport. Hospitality needed an evolution and that is what we have created with EV Hotel- Evolution Venue,”- Ken Patel, Chairman, EV Hotel Corp.

Atlanta-based EV Hotel is poised to set a new standard for technology with the opening of its maiden outpost. Launching in partnership with Cryptocurrency and NFT exchange platform Chicago Digital Exchange (CDX), the Evolution Venue hotel, which is expected to debut early 2023 in Downtown Phoenix, will be defined by technological sophistication that peaks with a CDX Crypto trading floor.

“A spark of the infinite. A space of connection, aliveness, ease as your home away space, to a space that eliminates the focus from hassle into peace as your JOY…connection. We want you to immerse into the evolution of a more connective world, designed to offer a slew of smart devices, like the smart mirror, smart faucet, smart speaker and more, will be available in each guest room, as well as tools to support guests with contactless service options. Alongside the CDX Crypto trading floor, Beverage grab and go, Automation on Room Service, Experience Desk, and NFT lobby will further establish EV’s emphasis on technology. I'm drawn to limitless knowing as all there is. Dream of a limitless dream, know your dreams are images unlocking what your creative wants to form as matter, as an expression of you. The idea of EV came as a knowing. Knowing it's connected to what is available to be shared, yet untapped to its awakening into fruition," Patel adds.

The EV Hotel will operate without a formal front desk but will offer the "experience desk", guests and patrons will be able to meet and receive assistance from as needed. The brand has cutting edge technology that the industry has never seen before, such as Automated check-in, the EV Smart Mirror, EV Smart Toilet, EV Smart Faucet, and much more cutting-edge technology. The NFT Lobby and Guest rooms will further elevate the guest experience.

“One of the main reasons I was honored to joined EV Hotel, was to obviously work alongside Ken Patel, someone I highly respect and admire, but secondly was to create a true future proof hospitality brand and destination. The Evolution Venue Hotel Flag means just that. Today we are incorporating it with best in breed smart devices and technologies, top notch guest services, as well as very strong utility driven web3, crypto and NFT functionality, but tomorrow the market and consumer may be demanding something else; and we will be there to ensure we provide it,” said Brian J. Esposito, Chief Strategic Officer, EV Hotel, and CEO & Founder of Esposito Intellectual Enterprises.

Chairman Ken Patel harnessed an idea of the heart to create a space to give time for others to connect and play in the playground of his ideas, so you can FEEL connected, imaginative, relaxed, free to be with whatever calls in as intention, to FEEL ease within it all. A more connective experience.

“TENEX (Formerly CDX) is excited to be working with EV Hotels in the creation of the EV Hotel Brand giving access to the evolution of the merger of the digital asset world with cutting edge hotel technology and operations," said Kevin Fallon, Chief Strategy Officer of TENEX.

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