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EV Hotel Announces Exclusive NFT Membership Rewards Program

Crypto- and technology-centered hotel brand seeks to change up the idea of hotel reward programs.
EV Hotel Crypto Ballroom
EV Hotel crypto ballroom.
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EV Hotel is pleased to announce the launch of the first ever NFT rewards program. As a visionary in the comfort meets technology hospitality space, EV Hotel believes it is equipped to innovate current hotel loyalty programs.

“Hotel loyalty programs have not changed since their inception. It is time these outdated, restrictive rewards programs are disrupted, and we aim to do just that,” says Ken Patel, Chairman & Founder of EV Hotel. “We are decentralizing the conventional hotel rewards program by empowering consumers to take control of the benefits they receive from being loyal customers with a highly exclusive offering.”

The EV Hotel Brand offers the ideal combination of technology and human touch to create an experience unlike any other in the world of hospitality. Imagine technologies including cryptocurrencies and NFTs combined with unparalleled comfort and amenities, to create an innovative and streamlined hospitality experience. This is the DNA of EV Hotel.

“All brands have a community, often referred to as customers,” said Brian J. Esposito, CEO & Founder, Esposito Intellectual Enterprises & Chief Strategy Officer EV Hotel. “Some might have only a few and some a few hundred million, but there is nothing more powerful than the connection that community has to that brand. Now take that mindset, apply it to NFTs, and multiply it by 100. That’s the current intense connection millions of people around the world are feeling when it comes to NFTs.  

“Speaking firsthand as a founding partner of BAPES and our BAPESCLAN, the fastest organic growing NFT Project in the world, I quickly experienced something I’ve never felt in my professional history, and now we are going to bring that energy, excitement, and proper utility into the hospital industry with EV Hotels.” Esposito added.  “NFT holders and lovers around the world will be able to experience as a community, a place to go to and be completely immersed in exceptional services, technologies, crypto, and NFT based experiences.  The hospitality market is salivating over this, and we hope to create a model that other flags will want to replicate to properly cater to this amazing community.”

Follow on Twitter @EVHotelNFT to receive updates on this upcoming NFT offering.

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EV Hotel crypto ballroom suite
EV Hotel crypto ballroom suite.
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