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Epson Announces Moverio Assist: "See-What-I-See" Remote Assistance, Inspection Solution for Epson Moverio Smart Glasses

Epson announced Epson Moverio Assist – an easy-to-use, "see-what-I-see" remote assistance and inspection solution using Moverio smart glasses for difficult repairs or work tasks out in the field. By enabling real-time collaboration between remote experts and on-site field personnel, Moverio Assist helps make repairs quicker and with fewer mistakes, leading to increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and reduced travel costs.  Moverio Assist will debut at InfoComm and will be on display at Epson's booth #2129 from June 12-14, 2019.

According to Epson, most popular remote support solutions today are phone and tablet based, and thus not hands free. Epson found there was a real market need for an affordable, turnkey, easy-to-use remote support solution for smart glasses that allows companies to connect in-field personnel with remote experts to collaborate on tasks.

When assistance is required, a field technician wears the Moverio BT-300 or BT-350 ANSI smart glasses with built-in camera, powers it on to connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi® or a mobile hotspot, and then launches the Moverio Assist app to initiate the call to company experts logged into via a Chrome™ or Firefox browser. Unlike those using handheld tablets or smartphones, field technicians wearing Moverio glasses have their hands free to make repairs while collaborating in real-time.

Powered by Epson's Si-OLED display technology, Moverio smart glasses allow field technicians to view instructions, photos, PDFs, and videos in high quality, while also giving them a wearable display that minimizes visual obstruction and can be virtually transparent when necessary. Available on a per-glasses, monthly subscription basis, Moverio Assist offers an affordable, hands-free remote assistance and inspection solution for small, medium and large enterprises. Additional benefits include:

  • Complete Tasks Faster – Collaborate in real-time with remote experts to complete difficult tasks faster in the field; catch potential issues before leaving a job site
  • Increase Productivity – Efficiently utilize expert resources to provide instruction without the need for travel; minimize re-work and/or increase first-visit fix rates; decrease downtime of mission-critical equipment
  • Reduce Costs – Reduce re-work costs and increase customer satisfaction by getting the job done right the first time; save money by reducing travel for experts

Availability and Pricing
Moverio Assist will be available in September 2019 with plans starting from as low as $29.99 a month per pair of Moverio glasses. Service requirements include:

  • Account – Company account with Moverio Assist
  • Remote Expert – Chrome or Firefox browsers running on Windows or Mac computers with built-in or connected speaker and microphone and Internet connectivity
  • Field Personnel – Moverio BT-300 or BT-350 ANSI smart glasses with active subscription plan, 3.5mm wired headset with built-in microphone or Bluetooth headset with built-in microphone and Internet connectivity

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