Enseo Delivers Casting with Nevaya Partnership, a Google Approved Solution

Television with a QR code on it

Enseo, a technology services provider offering solutions in hospitality, senior living and education, launches Enseo’s NevayaCast, a Google approved solution. With this partnership, Enseo delivers the Nevaya Cloud platform, a solution approved by Google for the use of Chromecast in hospitality (hotels, student accommodation, assisted/senior living, cruise ships and more). The partnership allows guests and residents to quickly and securely stream their content to in room TVs.

Michiel van Eldik, GM/VP EMEA Devices & Services at Google said, “We are delighted to be working with Nevaya to deliver a cloud-based in room hospitality solution using Google Chromecast devices for casting. We are excited to support our hospitality partners in delivering a feature-rich and secure entertainment experience to their guests, as we look to travel more again in 2022.”

“Together, we’re providing hospitality and senior living with a better TV experience, including more content choices,” said Kris Singleton, president and CIO of Enseo. “We are thrilled to work with Nevaya to deliver a Google approved, cloud-based, in room solution using Google Chromecast devices for casting.”

Unlike other casting technologies available to hotels, Nevaya is the only fully SaaS cloud platform, allowing global scalability and removing the need for unreliable onsite servers. Most importantly, the technology is more secure, having been through Google’s detailed security process, as well as meeting the stringent requirements of ISO 27001. Further, Enseo’s NevayaCast is planned to be available on future platforms.

James Richmond, CEO of Nevaya elaborates, “We're seeing over 30% of guests using the service daily, and while they’re using it, they are also ordering in-room dining and staying onsite longer. We are proud to partner with Enseo, providing hotels higher revenue and improved guest satisfaction.”

This casting offering comes on the heels of the recent announcement of CORE by Enseo, a rebrand of Enseo’s trusted Enseo Entertainment Experience, E3. CORE powers Enseo’s complete product offering, including in-room entertainment, smart room controls, managed WiFi, and safety and staff support, as well as both custom-facing features like casting and back-end monitoring and management.

To see casting and CORE live, stop by Enseo booth #301 at HITEC Orlando. Visit https://enseo.com/enseo-hitec-orlando-2022-booth-301/ or email [email protected] to schedule a meeting.

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