Eleven Releases Guest Wi-Fi Management eBook for Hotels

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Eleven Releases Guest Wi-Fi Management eBook for Hotels


Eleven, a provider of cloud-based guest Wi-Fi management software, has published the Ultimate Guide to Guest Wi-FI Management eBook.

Wi-Fi that just works continues to be the #1 most desired amenity. Yet, hotel brands still continue to struggle with how to deliver simple, seamless, and secure Wi-Fi when each of their properties has its own network hardware, software and service provider. Whether you’re building a Wi-Fi strategy from the ground up or optimizing existing network infrastructure, they have created your new go-to resource for building a great Wi-Fi experience that keeps guests coming back. The eBook is designed to deliver a comprehensive guest Wi-Fi education, including these 6 sections:

1: Guest Wi-Fi Management & Central Authentication, Defined: Because the hotel Wi-Fi landscape has changed so rapidly, it's no surprise that many people don't even know there is software out there that can help manage Wi-Fi. Here, they start at the beginning and lay the groundwork for the rest of the guide.

2: Market Trends: Why Guest Wi-Fi Management Matters Today: No matter the size of your hotel brand, there’s a use case for Wi-Fi to help you better connect with and engage your loyal guests. Eleven covers the emerging market trends that have made Wi-Fi more important to hoteliers than ever.

3: Essential Features of a Central Guest Wi-Fi Platform: From centralized authentication to smart network management tools to aggregate analytics, a central guest Wi-Fi platform helps hotel brands with the challenges of disparate systems and service providers.

4: The Future of Guest Wi-Fi: Eleven tapped their network of Wi-Fi experts to round up top predictions for the future of guest Wi-Fi. Including seamless, automatic authentication via Hotspot 2.0 and how to combine Wi-Fi and location services for the ultimate in guest personalization.

5: The Business Case for Guest Wi-Fi Management: Wi-Fi is no longer just an IT function; it is a business asset. Given that it’s the #1 desired amenity, free and enhanced Wi-Fi is a must-have component of your loyalty program. Learn how to pitch the ROI of Wi-Fi management.

6: The ElevenOS Central Guest Wi-Fi Platform: Lastly, they discuss how the ElevenOS central guest Wi-Fi platform will help you put these Wi-Fi ideas into action to deliver better, more lovable Wi-Fi that will drive loyalty and, ultimately, revenue.

With actionable tips from Eleven’s Wi-Fi professionals, trend briefs, and tons of valuable instructional copy, The Ultimate Guide to Guest Wi-Fi Management eBook is a truly in-depth resource– download it now.