DZS Teams with Nimbus Networks to Bring Hyper-Connectivity and Contactless Solutions to the Hospitality Market in Latin America

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

 DZS, a leading enabler of the hyper-connected world, has partnered with Nimbus Networks, an innovative IT integrator and leader in fiber, cloud, and managed services for the hospitality industry, to deliver a cutting-edge hyper-connected experience to over 20 high-end hotels across Latin America. By leveraging DZS FiberLAN technology, a state-of-the-art fiber optic and Wi-Fi infrastructure, and unique applications like Nimbus unique cloud based services, these hotels are revolutionizing the hospitality industry by raising the bar on customer expectations when they stay at Nimbus-enabled hotels.

The DZS FiberLAN solutions leveraged by Nimbus utilize multi-gigabit capable GPON technology on the MXK-F OLT and Z-Series ONTs and wireless access points featuring world-class Wi-Fi technology. Across this infrastructure, many of the hotels served by DZS and Nimbus have deployed Nimbus Contactless Cloud applications which allow hotel guests to leverage their own personal mobile phone to create a new hotel experience. First thought of as “healthy building” technology, Contactless Cloud is turning out to be a perfect product for the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know that fiber and GPON is essential for hotels to provide flexibility,” said Fernando Pérez, IT Manager México and Caribbean at Accor Hotels, Europe’s single largest hospitality company and the sixth largest worldwide. “It also allows us gives us a leg-up in differentiating ourselves. We’ve been delighted by the Contactless Cloud application during the pandemic, as it allows us to use this infrastructure to directly impact a primary concern of our guests. It is game-changing for us.”

The Nimbus CloudOne Contactless Solution does exactly what its name implies by minimizing the hotel guest’s physical contact with certain elements in the property that may represent a sanitary risk such as restaurant menus, brochures, TV remotes, in-room phones and more. All of this information, as well as daily guest requests, are made available through their own personal devices. It is a great example of the powerful applications that can leverage a strong digital foundation of FiberLAN-enabled PON and Wi-Fi.

“We aim to continuously bring value to our customers by providing dynamic and adaptive cloud based and optics oriented solutions. “Said Ernesto Romero, CEO of Nimbus. “The hotel industry used to revolve around business, leisure and group events. However, because of COVID things have slowed down. Now is the time to plan for the future and upgrade the infrastructure that is currently in place. That is where DZS and Nimbus come in – providing the forward-facing technology and applications that are helping the hotel industry to survive.”

“In a hyper-connected era, characterized by a proliferation of devices used by everyone seeking to connect at instantly and effortlessly everywhere, those resorts and hotels who lead the charge to fiber and wireless-enabled gigabit infra-structure are going to see the most success,” Said Jay Hilbert, EVP of Americas Sales at DZS. “The DZS solutions portfolio is ideally suited for agile and innovative partners like Nimbus who want to stand out from their competitors and bring enormous value to their clients. We are proud to be so closely aligned with Nimbus in enabling new pioneering applications in the hospitality industry.”

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