DZS and KLF Italia Bring Building Technology to Mediterranean Hospitality Sector

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

DZS, a global provider of optical and packet-based mobile transport, broadband access and software defined networking solutions, announced its partnership with systems integrator KLF Italia to bring transformational fiber broadband ecosystems to more than 30 hospitality properties across the Mediterranean. Several of these properties are among the region’s most iconic, including hotels like the five-star Club Med Cefalù Sicily and the renowned Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort, home of the Venice Film Festival. As the backbone of KLF Italia’s end-to-end ecosystem for the hospitality industry, the best-in-class DZS FiberLAN solution empowers these hospitality customers with reliable, future-proofed network infrastructures that enable them to realize brilliant building outcomes while improving agility and cost savings.

“Driven by our motto to ‘Keep Looking Forward,’ KLF has grown considerably since collaborating with DZS to unleash the potential of fiber-based networks in the hospitality sector,” said Paolo Carraro, CEO of KLF. “We are all-in on DZS FiberLAN, whose standards-based flexibility allows us to bring together requested or best-of-breed solutions from other vendors to meet specific customer requirements. As we look forward, we hope to build on the growth and reputation we’ve gained as the leading systems integrator for hospitality customers in the Mediterranean and further expand with DZS technologies in hospitality and other sectors in the region and beyond.”

With DZS FiberLAN, KLF builds complete, property-specific ecosystems that integrate data networks, access systems, Wi-Fi, telephony, CCTV and other building needs. Starting with adaptable Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) installation characteristics that are ideal for complex resort campuses, KLF works alongside each hotelier to deliver a cutting-edge broadband infrastructure boasting maximum reliability, unrivaled performance, radically simplified maintenance and a rapid return on investment (ROI). As each resort integrates building services into one unified network with DZS FiberLAN, it unleashes powerful data analytics capabilities that can help improve operations and ultimately better service guests.

“With KLF and solutions from DZS, we were able to cost effectively renew and enhance our network in virtually every way,” stated Dr. Vanni Basso, CEO, Lino delle Fate Eco Village Resort, Bibione. “Not only do we see greatly improved performance, but also the whole physical infrastructure is downsized and simplified. Many rack components are eliminated, along with floor switches, and additional fiber cable deployment is kept to a minimum. The overall solution is also inherently much more reliable and easier to maintain, making the cost/performance ratio extremely favorable. Of course, the bottom line is our guest experience, and in that regard what KLF has delivered exceeded our highest expectations.”

FiberLAN is DZS’ passive optical LAN solution for businesses and enterprises like hospitality locations. An innovative extension of proven fiber broadband technology, it brings the bandwidth, security, reliability, cost and space savings of fiber to large LAN environments. By delivering converged voice, video and data services at Gigabit speed over a single strand of fiber to the end user, FiberLAN reduces the cost of cabling and electronics to a fraction of what traditional copper infrastructures require. Interoperable, plug-and-play DZS technology also significantly cuts power consumption, space requirements and capital costs, while improving availability and manageability.

“Our win-win-win collaboration across DZS technology, KLF expertise, and end user resorts across the Mediterranean that value a premium guest experience exemplifies why new opportunities in hospitality are growing for DZS worldwide,” said Jay Hilbert, DZS Chief Revenue Officer, AEMEA. “Even beyond hospitality, our FiberLAN offerings continue to gain momentum in markets like healthcare, education, and other enterprises with large in-building and campus network environments that benefit from specialized, high-performance and high-reliability solutions. We are proud of what KLF has been able to achieve with its clients by leveraging DZS technology and are excited for the future of our relationship as they live up to their ‘keep looking forward’ motto.”

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