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Domino's Pizza and IZEA Holdings Test SocialSpark Deals Program

Domino's Pizza is signing on as the lone restaurant beta participant with IZEA Holdings Inc., which is currently testing a pilot program for its SocialSpark Deals.
The basic objective of SocialSpark Deals is to offer additional opportunities for bloggers to earn revenue and for advertisers to reach more customers through social sharing. The platform focuses specifically on e-commerce merchants – such as Domino's Pizza – that are equipped to track repeat customers and obtain contact information for future marketing opportunities.
IZEA has a large network of bloggers that write content on behalf of advertisers to gain broader exposure. Their posts drive traffic back to the advertisers' sites and the blogger then receives compensation for the traffic.
SocialSpark Deals leverages IZEA's 600,000 social media publisher network to distribute deals online. Bloggers can write posts, embed widgets into their sites, tweet and Facebook the deal to share it with friends.

As part of the test, customers who purchase a $10 Domino's deal will receive a promotional gift code worth $20, which is redeemable on
IZEA reached out to Domino's for the pilot because the company has been an early adopter of social media marketing platforms and as well as a leader in customer engagement.
Domino's also participated in IZEA's WeReward launch last year, and continues to participate in that program.
With IZEA, customers can take pictures at a location with a product and get a reward. So, if customers take a photo with a Domino's pizza box and then share it to your network through Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc., it ultimately drives social shares and traffic, which is the goal
For SocialSpark Deals, the rewards will be based on sales pushed from each blog, so the model is a bit different.

Most customers will likely prefer the personable approach, but how does Domino's or other participating companies benefit? The return on investment is in getting more social awareness and having people talk about their products in a way that will ultimately lead to the sale of their products.
The company will also gain access to e-mail addresses and information when a customer signs up for a deal.
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