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DineTime Updates Amazon Alexa Skill

DineTime announced a new robust feature for its Amazon Alexa skill. The DineTime skill provides diners a voice-controlled and hands-free way to get on a waitlist at any DineTime network restaurant.
The collaboration between Amazon Alexa and DineTime began at re:Invent 2016, where DineTime was a finalist in the Alexa Skill Contest, a challenge to build an innovative voice experience using the Alexa Skills Kit.
The company's first launch of the DineTime skill gave diners the benefit of using voice commands to hear restaurant wait times and now the updated version of the skill allows diners to make actionable, on-demand decisions. Diners can not only hear the wait times, but put themselves on the wait list. The clock for waiting starts at the point of interacting with Alexa, not when the consumer arrives at the restaurant.
Using Alexa via products like Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire tablets, users can access other features embedded in the skill like nearby or city-specific restaurant locations, distance, exact wait times, and remotely get in line.
The skill is an extension of DineTime's in-store guest management software that collects waitlist data from restaurants. The information, collected from DineTime-equipped restaurants, is sent directly to Alexa-enabled devices creating a seamless and precise user experience.
"DineTime was selected as a finalist in the Alexa Skill Contest as it helps address a customer pain point when dining out, has propensity for high usage, and improves customers' overall dining experience," said Rob Pulciani, Director, Amazon Alexa. "This innovative skill is the first to offer customers the ability to get in line at a restaurant from anywhere. We are excited to give this convenience to owners of Alexa-enabled devices."
The DineTime Skill for Alexa is now available for free through the Amazon Alexa app. Users can also voice enable the skill by simply saying "Alexa, enable the DineTime Skill."
Once enabled, customers can prompt their Alexa-enabled device by saying:
"Alexa, ask DineTime what restaurants are near me."
"Alexa, ask DineTime for the wait at Red Robin."
"Alexa, tell DineTime to add my name to the waitlist at Red Robin."
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