Democratizing Premium CX

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Koala, a premium ordering ecosystem, is now offering restaurant brands of all sizes the ability to deploy 1st-party digital ordering solutions across kiosk, web, and app. Koala’s inspirational and intuitive interfaces provide agency-quality designs without the agency cost.

For the first time ever, brands of all sizes can offer their customers highly engaging and beautifully designed digital experiences.


Koala Highlights

  • Kiosk: Self-service kiosks outperform traditional cashiers by 5-15% higher check sizes, due to premium designs and AI-driven product recommendations.
  • Responsive Web: Mobile-optimized ordering sites allows brands to own their web experience, and have complete insight into user data.
  • Mobile Apps: Complete with ordering, push notifications, and loyalty programs, native mobile apps are the best way to continuously engage your most avid fans.
  • Integrations: Koala integrates with many of the leading POS, online ordering, loyalty, and payment providers. That means you’re up and running in a matter of weeks, without having to change your existing workflows for menu changes and marketing campaigns.
  • Content Dashboard: Koala’s ordering channels are managed via a single dashboard. Images, copy and content are seamlessly distributed across your ordering ecosystem.
  • Unlimited Upgrades: Koala subscribers benefit from continual platform enhancements, including new features, security and compliance improvements, and greater customization controls – always available for active customers.


Leading restaurants are already enjoying Koala’s best-in-class ordering channels. Find out more at MURTEC booth 20, or

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