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Delaget Offers Enhanced Loss Prevention Software to Cut Restaurant Employee Theft

Delaget, LLC recently introduced enhanced loss prevention software, Delaget GUARD, to help multi-unit restaurant owners and operators recoup some of the estimated $14.2 billion of revenue they lose each year as a result of employee theft.
Delaget GUARD is a web-based software solution with a user-friendly mobile interface that scrutinizes point-of-sale restaurant data to help restaurant operators quickly and easily identify suspected employee theft, track employee behavior patterns, and take action with problem employees. Unlike other loss prevention solutions, Delaget GUARD not only provides data, it provides insights into how to use that data to deter future theft and improve profits.
According to Delaget, employee theft is rampant in the restaurant industry, costing each multi-unit restaurant an estimated five to seven percent of their revenue annually. Delaget’s role is to keep restaurants in the black.
More specifically, Delaget GUARD:
-Presents data in intuitive, at-a-glance infographics, charts and checklists
-Puts a dollar amount on lost revenue
-Tracks suspicious transactions and missed revenue opportunities by employee
-Identifies transaction and performance trends by employee and by store
-Grades each employee’s operational performance
-Ranks stores within a franchise based on lost revenue
-Provides a checklist of corrective performance measures by employee
-Integrates with existing surveillance systems
-Requires no back-office hardware
Clients benefiting from Delaget’s more than 40 combined years of restaurant experience include Buffalo Wild Wings, Hard Rock Cafe, IHOP, KFC, Panda Express, Pizza Hut, Sonic, and more.
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