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Deal Integrates Online, On-Premise Hospitality Storefronts

Arryved, a point-of-service (POS) provider for craft beverage and food establishments, has struck a deal for Craftpeak, a premier provider of advanced websites and ecommerce capabilities for the craft beverage industry. The transaction represents a significant step toward Arryved’s goal to provide the industry with its first seamless omni-channel hospitality platform.

“Craftpeak and Arryved have had a deep relationship for years, and we’ve been continuously impressed by their customer-centricity and product vision. By joining forces, we’re taking the final step in helping our customers truly bridge the gap between their on-premise and online presences,” says Arryved CEO Loren Bendele. “As the hospitality landscape continues to evolve, we recognize the importance of creating new buying and marketing channels for our customers and helping them reach guests in meaningful ways, on and offline.” 

“We have been huge fans of Arryved’s people, technology, and the core values with which they lead their business and the industry; and we are thrilled for the opportunity to combine our web design and e-commerce experience with their formidable engineering talent.

Arryved’s POS technology allows hospitality companies to focus on what is most important — providing the best consumer experiences for their guests.  Together, we will build solutions that give guests the power to personalize their engagement with their favorite brands, while for the first time, providing businesses with the insights and efficiency that can only be achieved by combining all direct-to-consumer channels into a single ecosystem” said John Kelley, the Co-Founder and CEO of Craftpeak.

Arryved and Craftpeak launched their partnership with a technology integration last year, which allowed breweries using Arryved’s POS and Craftpeak’s ecommerce services to sync inventories in real-time across their online and on-premise operations. 

Integrations with other systems are driving POS purchase decisions for 86% of restaurants, according to HT's 2022 POS Software Trends Report

“Building a seamless customer experience is more important than ever in the hospitality industry. With the acquisition of Craftpeak, we’re providing our customers with sophisticated tools that have previously been inaccessible to independent hospitality owners,” says Bendele. “And, by helping our customers build a consistent brand across all channels, we’re giving them the opportunity to deepen their relationships in their communities and compete in the changing hospitality marketplace.” 


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