Dave McDougall Named Your Pie CEO


Dave McDougall has transitioned from Chief Operating Officer to Chief Executive Officer of Your Pie, a fast-casual pizza brand.

McDougall joined Your Pie in December 2018, bringing more than 30 years of experience in franchise operations, development and expansion, including executive roles with organizations such as Back Yard Burgers, NexCen Brands, FOCUS Brands and more. Since joining Your Pie, McDougall has spearheaded initiatives across all departments, including operations, marketing, technology, branding and culture.

As CEO, McDougall is responsible for setting Your Pie’s strategy and direction, identifying brand priorities, managing resources and aligning operational excellence with brand mission, culture and values at every level.

Bucky Cook, former CEO, will now serve in an advisory capacity, continuing to support the brand’s growth and development while consulting on high-level strategy.

Your Pie currently operates more than 70 locations across the United States, boasting four new franchise openings since the start of the fourth quarter with more to come by year’s end. In addition to maintaining development momentum, the brand’s Q4 priorities include streamlining technological integration and elevating marketing strategy for 2020.

The brand was founded by Drew French in 2008 and is inspired by family recipes from the Italian island of Ischia. 

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