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Dairy Queen Approves Use of Panasonic POS Workstation

Dairy Queen (DQ) has approved the use of Panasonic's Stingray point of sale (POS) workstation throughout the DQ system. The final approval for the Panasonic solution, which also includes XPIENT's software suite, was received from the American Dairy Queen Corporation and was further endorsed by the Dairy Queen Operators' Association.

The system solution was designed, and the approval process was managed by Retail Data Systems (RDS) of Minnesota, a Panasonic channel partner. The current approval, effective July 1, 2010, applies to any DQ establishment that is replacing its existing POS workstations, as well as stores with older contracts that do not restrict the POS system.

Stingray's modular design is said to allow for convenient, cost-effective customization to meet specific application needs. It is possible to upgrade RAM, swap hard drives, remove/replace LCD display or add a rear facing customer display with no need for a technician. XPIENT Solutions offers a full complement of integrated technologies including point of sale, back office and enterprise management.

"The Panasonic name is synonymous with quality and feature-rich functionality," says Josh Schmieg, associate director, DQOA. "It's a consistent theme and one we are pleased to bring to the DQ Operators' Association."

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