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Ctuit Updates Functionalities of Waste Entry Tool in RADAR Inventory Module

Food waste is one of the largest areas of potential cost savings in a restaurant. Food waste may take the form of spoiled inventory, nonadherence to recipes, trim waste, overproduction and more. To determine areas where waste can be reduced, it is critical to track pre-consumer restaurant waste.
In 2015 Ctuit released Waste Entry, a tool that allowed customers to input food waste into RADAR’s Inventory Module. This year, Ctuit has released updated functionality to streamline this tool and enter waste in a template that would mimic a more traditional waste log.
The Waste Entry Template tool allows users to build out waste logs on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis for items that commonly go to waste in their restaurant operations. Users have reported 70-85% time savings in data entry by utilizing the new Waste Entry Templates.
The Waste Entry Template adds to the store of powerful tools in the Inventory Module, which allows restaurants to take inventory with their mobile device via On The Fly™, create store-to-store transfers, monitor item activity and price, and access inventory charts, reports, exports and more.
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