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Ctuit Software Unveils Invoice Module

Ctuit Software offers restaurant management solutions to help restaurants reduce food and labor costs while streamlining operations. The new Invoice Imaging module allows users to quickly enter and store paper invoices for up to three years using a smartphone, scanner, or other device in conjunction with the Accounts Payable module.
The Accounts Payable module can be used to enter and manage invoices as well as export invoice details directly into an accounting package. The AP module also allows performance of various other AP-related tasks, such as creating a purchase order template, uploading/downloading vendors, and running reports/charts. With these tools, Accounting and other Home Office staff have immediate access to invoices through RADAR.
When combined with the full suite of COGS modules (Accounts Payable, Inventory, and Recipes), RADAR users will be able to see detailed ideal (theoretical) costs compared to actual costs and discover opportunities to improve restaurant efficiency.
Ctuit offers three products to help restaurants succeed: RADAR, On The Fly™, and Ctuit Schedules. RADAR streamlines restaurant activities and provides management teams with insight into financial and operational performance. On The Fly™ is a mobile app powered by RADAR that connects managers to vital restaurant data in real time. Ctuit Schedules allows employees to receive schedules, trade shifts, request time off, and send messages through any mobile device.
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