Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ to Add Self-Pour Technology

CRAVE Franchising LLC, known for its BBQ, jumbo hot dogs, and self-pour beverage walls, announced a partnership with PourMyBeer, a provider of self-pour beverage systems.Due to Crave’s fast expansion, it has decided to move forward with PourMyBeer to help rapidly grow Crave’s presence in the US market. The first two locations to use the PourMyBeer technology are coming to Colorado Springs, Colo., and Pflugerville, Texas, early this year. Crave currently has 5 stores operating throughout the US.


Samantha Rincione, the founder and CEO of CRAVE Franchising LLC said, “At Crave we always want our customers to have the freedom to make their meals their own. We have 20+ toppings that customers can choose from for their hot dogs and sandwiches. We felt that a self-serve beer wall was integral to our success, allowing customers to pick their own beer, wine or cider and have as much or little as they choose. PourMyBeer self-pour technology makes it easy and efficient so it’s a safe environment for families, parties and more. It allows them to taste and try what they like best and supplement their delicious BBQ or hot dog meal with the right beverage of their choice.”

Crave restaurants feature anywhere from 24-48 taps, which include local craft beers, white and red wine, as well as cider. PourMyBeer allows Crave’s guests to try any or all of their offered beverages in whichever quantity they prefer as they get charged by the ounce, self-pour also lowers the wait times – and for Crave, the technology lowers operating costs by saving on labor and wasted goods.