Cox Business’ Blueprint RF Launches Upgraded Wi-Fi Network Platform

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

 Blueprint RF, a Cox Business company, announced the launch of its new all-in-one hospitality WiFi platform – DG2. Built with the needs of modern hotels in mind, this out-of-the-box solution integrates network appliances into one a single architecture that works in unison for a more dynamic, cost-effective and energy-efficient hospitality solution. The new DG2 platform is highly improved with better, stronger and faster performance.

“No matter where guests are during their stay, DG2 gives them the high-speed internet connectivity they demand,” said Jady West, vice president, hospitality. “Our new solution includes all of the top features from the original platform, with additional functionalities and capabilities, to provide the quality and security our customers have come to expect.”

DG2 is engineered to deliver 40 gigabits per interface that ensures uninterrupted high-speed internet access and more than 200 new features – from content filtering to bandwidth distribution – which can be configured to fit specific needs. Guests can roam seamlessly with a single click configuration that ensures dedicated bandwidths, while High Availability (HA) Clustering eliminates single points of failure.

With DG2, hospitality leaders have the power to manage the network with a full Layer Seven device allowing them to control guest activity, ensure uninterrupted high-speed internet and access deeper analytics to improve operations. With daily back-ups and high-level monitoring defenses, DG2 eliminates the hassle of network management.

In addition to delivering superior hospitality connectivity, DG2 can power many other businesses who need tech-driven WiFi and rich analytics – from apartments and senior communities to entertainment venues and airports.

Get more information on Blueprint RF’s DG2 solution at

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