Coolgreens Launches Tamper-Proof Packaging for Delivery


Coolgreens is switching to tamper-proof packaging for its third-party delivery.

Coolgreens, like many other restaurants, has been impacted by a wave of guests wondering if their meals have been tampered with through third-party delivery. The brand’s Vice President of Operations Amanda Powell made it a priority to find a solution to this industry-wide problem. Now, with tamper-proof packaging, delivery guests will know if their food has been interfered with before they open it.

“This was not a cost-saving idea, rather, an investment to better protect our guests,” said Coolgreens Equity Partner Todd Madlener. “Coolgreens promises ‘more than’ experiences, so we have to do everything we can to live up to that expectation. This is one way we can improve and ensure we give the enhanced experience that our brand is known for. We want our delivery guests to know that we will provide their meal the way they ordered it and in a safe manner. We expect this part of our business to continue to grow, and to that end, we felt this was an area that needed to be addressed.”

Off-premise has seen strong growth at Coolgreens. Online orders have jumped to 6% of sales, and this percentage is expected to grow with the implementation of Coolgreens’ mobile app that launched in mid-July. Additionally, third-party delivery orders have skyrocketed from 4% to almost 10% – a 150% increase.

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