Convene Enhances Breakout Sessions of Virtual and Hybrid Meetings and Events Platform, Convene Studio

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Convene, a provider of premium virtual and hybrid events with a network of meeting, event, and workplace locations, announced that it is enhancing its virtual and hybrid meetings & events product, Convene Studio, by embedding the Amazon Chime software development kit (SDK) voice and video capability into the product. By integrating with Amazon Web Services to use the Amazon Chime software development kit (SDK), Convene’s breakout sessions are now hosted on a custom-built player; users stay within the platform for breakout sessions and have a simpler user experience; and there is greater reliability and security with full SOC-2 compliance.

Convene is able to creatively and independently own the user interface that the virtual and hybrid meetings platform uses for breakout sessions. This allows them to fully own how they plan and configure the event (pre-event), how they execute and moderate the break-out sessions (day-of), and how they track user behavior in the breakout sessions and deliver analytics and recorded sessions to meeting planners (post-event). 

“Virtual meetings have rapidly improved, hybrid meetings are quickly evolving, and audience expectations are increasing every day,” said Ryan Simonetti, CEO and co-founder of Convene. “With these improvements, Convene can create more exciting, engaging virtual and hybrid experiences that help our planners achieve their goals.” 

With these enhancements, Convene offers new breakout session capabilities with no software downloads required; reduces the complexity to onboard breakout moderators since moderation controls are within the event site (no Zoom “assume host controls”); improves speaker video resolution and clarity; and creates an improved viewing experience for panel discussions. There is greater security and reliability as well.

Convene is the only company with a network of U.S. locations that offers the option to hold a hybrid meeting or event at our venues, other venues, or a combination of both, to create multi-location hybrid events managed by a single company. Convene hybrid events, which are one of the event types that Studio can enable, are the first and only solution of their kind that offer all components of hybrid meetings and events from a single provider, including physical locations, a virtual platform, production services and event technology, with dedicated teams managing the on-site and remote experiences. 

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