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Colorado Pizza Chain Changes Point of Sale Provider


Cosmo’s Pizza has selected SpeedLine point of sale as the exclusive POS technology partner for their Colorado-based pizza chain. In September, Cosmo’s finished installing SpeedLine POS in all five locations.

 Located near the University of Colorado and Colorado State University campuses, delivery is a critical component of Cosmo’s revenue. Owner Adam Shorter recognized that he needed a POS system that was designed specifically for delivery. “I looked through a bunch of POS systems, and if they had no delivery, or delivery was done by a third party, they were nixed,” Shorter explains. “[SpeedLine] is a pizza and delivery POS system. Not built for a bar, or a coffee shop, but built for what we do.”

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About 35% of Cosmo's takeout and delivery orders are placed online or on their app.

Along with their new SpeedLine POS, Cosmo’s switched to the SpeedDine online ordering platform offered by SpeedLine. Across their five locations, Shorter says 34-36% of their takeout and delivery orders are placed online or on their app. “The new online ordering site looks and flows better. It’s a more natural flow of the ordering process. We’ve received compliments from customers that it looks sharper and more modern,” Shorter says.

Having the most up-to-date online ordering technology is important for Cosmo’s Pizza. Located near universities in Colorado, most of their customer base is students between 18-32 years old. “Ease of use plays a big role, and tech is a big part of ordering for that group. We’re not a tech company, but we want that level of technology for our customers.” Shorter likes that SpeedDine saves the information of repeat customers, and makes ordering easier for them. 

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