CKE Taps Site Selection Vendor to Break into New Biz Markets & Expand in the Existing

CKE Restaurants, Inc., parent company of the Hardee's and Carl's Jr. restaurant chains with over 3,000 locations nationwide, has chosen to renew their contract with geoVue through 2012. geoVue is a provider of location intelligence solutions.

CKE first chose geoVue in 2006 after a review of other GIS and market analytics providers. Their goal was to grow both of their brands in existing markets, as well as expand into new markets. CKE found geoVue's flexibility to tailor solutions to their business to be exactly what they needed. "We reviewed other vendors and discovered pretty early that geoVue was the right fit for us," says Mike Sawyer, market planning manager for CKE. "Other GIS vendors and mapping software vendors have a cookie-cutter approach, which works for some, but we found there is so much more opportunity with being able to get customized information, maps & reports, and working with a provider who really understands our business. It's what separates geoVue from the other vendors."

CKE also considers their use of geoVue's solutions an asset when it comes to attracting new franchisees. With geoVue's systems in place, CKE can offer franchisees a valuable service to help them make the best site selection and market development decisions. "What it does at the end of the day is reduce our franchisees' risk of development. Our franchisees know they can rely on good information, and on a timely basis from CKE," states Sawyer.

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