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Chatham Bars Inn, Beverly Heritage Hotel Tap Safety NetAccess for Wi-Fi Upgrades

The Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, Massachusetts and The Beverly Heritage Hotel in Milpitas, California have both partnered with Safety NetAccess, a national high-tech solutions company.
Safety NetAccess, which specializes in installing and managing wireless networks in the hospitality industry, will upgrade the existing network at Chatham Bars Inn with new wireless throughout the interior and exterior areas of the expansive resort and a new fiber backbone. The 25 acre resort, perched on the Atlantic Ocean, is a world-famous landmark that has been catering to discerning travelers since 1914. 
On the West Coast, Safety NetAccess has inked a partnership with The Beverly Heritage Hotel and will be installing the property’s first Wi-Fi system for guests. The 236-room contemporary boutique hotel sits in the heart of Silicon Valley. 
In addition to installing the new systems at both hotels, Safety NetAccess will provide ongoing management and support. Safety NetAccess provides twenty-four live support to all clients with a call center located in New England. Completion of both projects is expected by the start of summer.
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