Casino Royale's Networked LED Displays Deliver Visual Alerts for Progressive Jackpots

Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the Casino Royale has been named by the Travel Channel as the "#1 World's Best Place to Strike It Rich" and, for those who do, the new Trans-Lux TL Infovision LED Digital Displays above the slot machines vividly display slot payoffs to the winners and other casino guests. The new LED digital displays configured in a three-sided message center are also used by Casino Royale to promote progressive jackpots and engage patrons to play.
The TL Infovision LED Digital Displays installed in the slot area of Casino Royale deliver engaging content and information to help increase player traffic, interest and participation. The new TL Infovision LED displays deliver high resolution, full color animations and graphics making them ideal for multiple promotional, information and messaging applications. Areas of each individual display can be partitioned and modified independently so that static elements, continuous live data streams and updated information can be combined on a single display. Multiple and individual displays can also be easily updated via network connection or locally via PC.
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