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Cashido Ozone Generator Turns Any Faucet into a Powerful, Natural Sanitizer

With handwashing and sanitation being more important than ever before, a new smart device is making it easier to keep your business and consumers safe.  OzoneOn, an innovative, ozone generator turns any faucet into a powerful, natural sanitizer. The revolutionary device, created by Cashido, supercharges normal tap water into ozonated water—a 10-second rinse that kills 99% of bacteria and removes 75% of pesticides without the need for soap or additional cleaners.

Originally introduced in September 2019, OzoneOn connects directly to any faucet, infusing ordinary tap water with ozone (O3). The ozonated water simplifies sanitizing food and surfaces from pesticides or bacteria, keeping produce fresher, longer, and cutting food waste in half. OzoneOn eliminates the need for toxic chemical cleaners and can be used to clean where chemicals cannot – to sanitize fruits, vegetables, dishes, hands, counters, and other high-contact surfaces.

“Tap water alone doesn’t kill bacteria,” says Cashido’s head of sales operations Chris Daniel.  “Ozone kills bacteria and is a safe way to wash hands and food without the secondary pollution other cleaning products can leave behind.”

For over 150 years, Ozone technology has been a widely-used method for eliminating bacteria in food processing, treatment for tap and bottled water, and for sanitizing swimming pools.  Ozone or O3 is often referred to as “nature’s sanitizer.” This naturally-occurring, non-toxic gas is created when normal oxygen molecules (O2) are charged with electricity, creating ozonated water that kills bacteria without causing additional waste. Cashido’s OzoneOn provides years of ozonated water producing up to 100,000 gallons of ozonized water – enough to fill two lanes of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

The all-natural, chemical-free product is gentle enough for skin, a valuable tool for frequent hand washing. OzoneOn is a safe alternative to chemical cleaners, especially when cleaning kitchen tools or preparing food for anyone who might be immune-compromised.

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