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CASE STUDY: Redefining Hospitality with Art-Inspired HVAC Solutions

The quiet operation of the LG Art Cool Gallery units, coupled with their ability to blend seamlessly into the room decor, provides a harmonious and uninterrupted experience highly prized by guests of The Roxbury at Stratton Falls.
The Roxbury at Stratton Falls
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Nestled in the enchanting Catskill Mountains of New York, The Roxbury at Stratton Falls redefines the concept of extraordinary guest experiences. The Roxbury experience is about embracing one's imagination and reliving childhood dreams, offering a serene and picturesque setting. The Catskills have been a popular vacation destination for over a century, providing a refuge from the bustling life of New York City. The Roxbury, however, stands out as a remote gem in this region.

Owned by Gregory Henderson and Joseph Massa, The Roxbury at Stratton Falls prides itself on being a place where imagination and comfort merge seamlessly. The hotel features a collection of exquisite, themed tower cottages and mansion rooms designed to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. With the integration of advanced HVAC technology and exceptional design, The Roxbury at Stratton Falls sets a new standard for hospitality, making it a sought-after destination where guests can immerse themselves in fantasy and wonder.


Inspired by the breathtaking 50-foot Stratton Falls, Henderson and Massa’s mission was to create a serene environment while maintaining the beauty of the surrounding nature. Blending whimsical touches with a tranquil atmosphere, the hotel promises to transport guests into a fairytale world. 

To ensure the comfort of their hotel guests in all seasons, Henderson and Massa carefully chose the HVAC system for the Roxbury at Stratton Falls. With temperatures ranging from 14°F to 77°F throughout the year, reliability was a top priority, alongside a seamless integration with the visual look of the tower cottages and mansion rooms. Noise reduction was also crucial, as many guests come from New York City. As a result, the owners were keen to ensure that the hotel's HVAC products were efficient and quiet. Overall, they wanted to avoid intrusive sound or visual equipment that could disrupt the overall experience for their guests.

Massa and Henderson reached out to Kevin Treffeisen at A. Treffeisen & Son, LLC, who coordinated with Ben Curwin, Chief Operating Officer for VP Supply Corp, to design an HVAC solution that would meet their aesthetic, performance, and efficiency needs.

Together they decided to install LG Art Cool™ Gallery units throughout the tower cottages and mansion rooms, which offered the perfect solution, as they were designed to be discreet, quiet and efficient.


Regarding implementing new HVAC systems, The Roxbury at Stratton Falls faced several challenges. "It’s all about the experience for their clientele. So, it was very important that we design a heating and cooling system that fits in with Greg and Joseph’s motif and is also quiet," said Treffeisen.

The primary hurdle was finding an HVAC solution aligned with Henderson and Massa's unique design goals and aesthetic vision. They initially explored the possibility of using Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) units, commonly found in hotels, for their cottages and Mansion House rooms. However, the PTAC’s size, noise levels, and appearance were incompatible with the envisioned design concept.

The challenge extended to finding a suitable alternative to seamlessly integrate into the rooms without compromising their visual appeal, which included a need for placement and, by extension, line set flexibility. Ductless split systems were considered, but they also needed to improve aesthetics and size. During this time, Treffeisen connected with Curwin, who brought the LG Art Cool Gallery to The Roxbury and introduced the owners to the units. These units, designed to function as picture frames, offered the perfect solution by blending in with the room decor while providing efficient and quiet heating and cooling.


Henderson and Massa found the ideal solution to their HVAC needs by installing the LG Art Cool Gallery. These units provide the required heating and cooling capabilities and add a unique touch to each room's design. The ability to customize the indoor units with personal images allows the owners to further enhance the storytelling aspect of the themed rooms at The Roxbury at Stratton Falls.  “When I saw the Art Cool Galley units I said, ‘This is it!” You could put a piece of wallpaper in it, and it would blend in with the rest of the room. Or add a photo or visual and make it a thing that helps tell the story of the room. It was a no-brainer,” said Henderson.

“With the LG units, they aren’t the first thing you see. You see the room and experience the room,” said Massa.

With an elegant wall-mount design and available 9,000 and 12,000 BTU/h options, the LG Art Cool Gallery is truly an upgrade to any space. By seamlessly incorporating the HVAC units into the overall aesthetics, the hotel has created a visually captivating and immersive experience for visitors.

“The fact that we could put the indoor units almost anywhere in the room gave us a ton of flexibility to fit into what they were trying to do on the aesthetic side of the design,” said Curwin. “The LG products help make it easy to run line sets, especially in new construction like this; however, even in the mansion rooms where it was a retrofit, we could run line sets anywhere we needed to place them. It gave us a lot of flexibility.”

The Art Cool Gallery units also feature Inverter technology which maintains temperature and reduces energy use while circulating air in the space. And for a hotel with routine guest turnovers, the unit’s self-cleaning coil technology ensures easy and quick maintenance.

The Art Cool Gallery units are strategically connected to LG's Multi F heat pumps with LGRED° technology, which offer the flexibility to support multiple zones throughout the property. The compact, outdoor HVAC unit is placed at the tower cottages' rear and easily blends in with the exterior façade, not detracting from the surrounding scenery. This allows for efficient temperature control in each room, ensuring optimal guest comfort. Furthermore, the heat pumps provide reliable heating even in extreme winter temperatures, boasting 100% rated capacity at 5°F and continuous operation down to -13°F outdoor temperature, ensuring every room is always a cozy and inviting environment.


Implementing the LG Art Cool Gallery units at The Roxbury at Stratton Falls proved to be a game-changer for the hotel. The attention to detail and commitment to providing a unique experience resonated with guests, and the hotel quickly garnered recognition for its innovative approach. Travel & Leisure, a renowned travel publication, listed The Roxbury  at Stratton Falls as the only property featured twice on their prestigious "20 Most Beautiful Hotel Bathrooms in the World" list. This accolade highlighted the hotel's dedication to exceptional design and showcased how HVAC units contributed to the overall aesthetic appeal.

The Roxbury's success story is broader than industry recognition. Guests are enamored with the meticulously designed rooms, and the integration of the LG Art Cool Gallery units plays a significant role in enhancing their stay.

“People do frequently comment on the detail,” said Henderson. “If the moment they are leaving the door and turn and say, ‘I never noticed that the whole time,’ then it’s mission accomplished. And the LG units just blend into everything.”

The quiet operation of the units, coupled with their ability to blend seamlessly into the room decor, provides a harmonious and uninterrupted experience. By prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of their guests, Henderson and Massa created a truly extraordinary environment at The Roxbury that continues to attract visitors seeking a whimsical and unforgettable retreat.

“It’s totally different than the average hotel you walk into,” said Alexa Treffeisen. “[The rooms and cottages] make your imagination come to life. From the fixtures to the furniture, to the HVAC units, absolutely everything is mind blowing at The Roxbury.”



LG HVAC Equipment:

LMAN097HVP – Art Cool™ Gallery

LMAN127HVP – Art Cool™ Gallery

ZLABGP04A – Low Ambient ODU Wind Baffle

LMU300HHV – Multi F with LGRED° Inverter

PREMTC00U – Simple Wired Remote Controller

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