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CAMO Debuts New Hotel Dining and Room Service Concept

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Hospitality startup, CAMO, is shaking things up in Anaheim with the launch of its innovative room service platform and virtual food hall experience. The tech-enabled company has introduced a new concept that not only offers high-quality dining, room service, and catering options to guests at participating hotels, but also helps these hotels regain lost revenue from third-party food delivery platforms. CAMO offers various products including its own portfolio of virtual restaurant brands, innovative food hall concepts, and its proprietary room service marketplace platform, CAMO Eats.

“We are absolutely blown away with the success we’ve seen with CAMO so far,” said Kevin Rohani, Founder and CEO. “What we’ve created with CAMO is an enhanced version of traditional third-party delivery platforms like Uber Eats catered specifically to hotels and their guests’ experience. We already knew this would be a game-changer for the hospitality industry and are truly humbled by the outpouring of positive feedback and praise we’ve received from our customers and partners as well as the meaningful revenue we’ve generated for our hotels.”

CAMO Eats: Revolutionizing Room Service

CAMO Eats is an innovative room service platform redefining the hotel dining experience for travelers everywhere. Hospitality is all about providing guests with exceptional service and a comfortable, enjoyable stay. However, outdated hotel brand standards, extensive room service wait times, limited menu offerings, and unreasonably high fees are only a few challenges that not only affect the guest, but also a hotel’s ability to generate on-site dining revenue. As a result, guests have resorted to using third-party platforms due to convenience, but this often means accepting high fees, and compromising on quality and optionality, being limited to choosing from just one menu.

CAMO Eats was created to bridge the gap between modern guests’ expectations and their actual dining experience when staying at a hotel. With CAMO Eats, guests at participating hotels can enjoy a wide variety of delicious restaurant meals delivered directly to them, within one cohesive order, and with zero service or delivery fees. What sets CAMO Eats apart from other room service options is its unique hotel-centric features like Order Ahead, Group Ordering, and most importantly, Mix-and-Match, which gives hotel guests a personalized dining experience allowing them to mix from a selection of 6-10 different restaurant brands at each location. Now, families and groups or friends have more options and something for everyone. 

One of the many benefits of CAMO Eats is that all the restaurant brands available on the platform are developed in-house, which gives guests confidence in the quality and consistency of the food that they are ordering. CAMO Eats currently offers nine virtual restaurant brands in Anaheim including Rice, Meet Noodle, Chinese-inspired dishes; CAMO Pizza Co., artisanal flatbread pizzas; Mixtape Nachos, loaded nachos; Fork and Figs, healthy Mediterranean pita wraps and bowls; Flora Burgers, plant-based burgers; Mexa Boca, tacos, burritos, and bowls; Clucky Rooster, fried chicken sandwiches and tenders; Smash and Sauce, smash-style burgers and melts; and Mighty Bitey, meals kids crave. Each menu is carefully curated to offer a wide range of delicious and satisfying options for every taste and dietary preference. 

“We are driving a new force within the hospitality industry for both hotels and guests,” said Kevin Rohani, Founder and CEO of CAMO. “For decades, so many hotels have been unable to evolve and innovate their dining experiences at the rates guests expect. We’ve been caught in this vicious loophole – guests are unhappy with limited dining and room service options at hotels, turning to third-party services like Uber Eats, getting hit with insanely high delivery and service fees as a result, and ultimately taking revenue away from the hotel – until now. This is not just for convenience; we also provide higher quality than what is available in the marketplace. CAMO’s restaurant brands have become the highest rated dining option in the area, which is a complete 180 from people’s typical experience with virtual restaurant brands.” 

Travelers, residents, and businesses in the area who are looking for a sit-down dining experience can also visit CAMO’s virtual food hall, Oasis Food Hall, located directly next to Disneyland in the Desert Palms Hotel. Oasis Food Hall introduces a unique dining experience that combines the convenience of kiosk ordering with the personal touch of attentive staff. This innovative approach to hospitality offers a tech-savvy atmosphere while also satisfying guests' desire for exceptional quality and service. 

CAMO is gearing up for significant expansion into new markets in 2023. As part of this growth strategy, the company plans to introduce a range of new services and features specifically designed to enhance the guest experience as well as develop additional restaurant brands offering a diverse selection of ethnic cuisine.

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