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BroadView IP Launches New Affordable Hotel Entertainment Solution for Hotel IPTV

BroadView Live is an alternative for cable, satellite and other hotel IPTV systems. The newly launched product from BroadView IP allows hospitality providers to bring entertainment revenues back to the glory days of video on demand and drive continuous commissions with the ability to generate revenue beyond the guest’s stay.

This global service offering delivers millions of TV episodes, movies, live channels, live events, music videos, radio stations, games, and more across the hotel network, in the guest rooms and onto guest devices. BroadView Live also allows guests to cast content from their mobile devices to the TV.

BroadView Live delivers thousands of times more content at a much lower cost compared to traditional entertainment providers, and is much more affordable than current hotel IPTV services by a wide margin. Hotels are able to save up to 80% on their hotel TV and entertainment costs.

BroadView IP’s platform is available worldwide as a licensed, or co-branded product, meaning that any company that is suffering from large cable and satellite billing and associated fees, coupled with the changing media environment can employ new services and begin monetizing consumers’ new behavior such as Guest BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) rather than suffering from it.

This entertainment platform is able to be delivered through branded applications for mobile devices, a branded Smart Guide URL for use from any PC or laptop accessible through a network or landing page, and a customizable set top box solution.

The aggregated Smart-Guide is tailor made for consumers to connect with global entertainment content and OTT featuring over 300,000+ TV Episodes, 200,000+ Movies on Demand, 5,000+ Live Channels with an interactive programming guide (IPG), 50,000+ Radio Stations and a Subscription Manager so users can watch their paid OTT services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and many more.

BroadView Live connects users to a world of entertainment, on their device of choice, and on their own terms. This allows for hospitality providers and network operators to recapture audiences otherwise lost to the expense or piracy by directing those users back to existing legal and monetize-able quality entertainment sources.

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