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BrewLogix Launches Dynamic Performance Platform

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Technology solutions company BrewLogix today announced the launch of its Performance Platform, directly serving and delivering vital insights to restaurant, bar, hospitality and craft brewery customers with draft beverage programs. Developed after three years of research and pilot testing, the software platform converges accurate product knowledge with customers’ “ounce-by-ounce” data to elevate staff and guest experiences around the draft program.

At its core, the Performance Platform dramatically streamlines and strengthens four pillars of a high-performance draft program:

  • Real-time management and tracking of kegged inventory: BrewLogix’s world-class database lets customers accurately receive inventory within seconds. Integrated location, product, cost, and depletion data automatically travels with each keg throughout its life cycle and illuminates inventory statuses at all times.
  • On deck keg planning and workflow automation: The on deck planner gives beverage managers full visibility to all taps, coolers, kegs and product attributes to create an optimal lineup. As staff follows the on deck plan, critical “next up” information (including product/keg info, cooler, coupler, etc.) automates through a visual on deck map, increasing accuracy while reducing chaos.
  • On tap product performance metrics: Ounce-by-ounce performance data gives managers practical tools to hit freshness and throughput goals, anticipate kick dates, predict high and low demand periods, evaluate pours remaining, and raise the financial performance of the draft program. Visual depictions of on tap product performance get the right information to the right people at the right time for the best results.
  • Automated access to brewery-sourced product knowledge: Staff gets real-time access to on tap and on deck product knowledge, increasing staff performance, the customer experience, and sales receipts.

“Bar and restaurant owners know their draft programs hold a unique position in impacting the profitability of their overall operations. Our conversations with real people ‘on the ground’ revealed a frustration that spreadsheets, post-it-notes, whiteboards and other static tools are blocking the highest profit potential for draft program outcomes. Even the most intuitive and knowledgeable managers are seeking methods to streamline and automate product and information flow in real time,” said Lori Bolin, President & Chief Strategy Officer, BrewLogix. “The Performance Platform responds to the gaps the market has identified in the cooler, at the tap, and at the table. It very practically (and visually) delivers inventory data, performance metrics, product knowledge, and critical insights into the on-premise environment in ways that have never been done before.”

What sets the platform apart is its patented non-invasive weight sensor technology that never touches the product, ensuring draft quality is never compromised. The Performance Platform offers real-time insights into draft program strengths and weaknesses, providing on-premise managers with easy-to-understand tools and methods to immediately improve both staff and customer experiences while maximizing their profit.

The platform is powered by BrewLogix’s integrated ecosystem which includes MarketMyBrewery® and BreweryDB®. Through MarketMyBrewery, BrewLogix works directly with brewers to efficiently source meaningful product and taproom data, strengthening the craft-on-draft experience at brewery taprooms and distributing accurate product knowledge to better bars and restaurants everywhere. This information in turn powers BreweryDB, the world’s largest curated database of independent craft breweries in the world. Fans of craft brews use BreweryDB to find their next brewery experience.

“The Performance Platform far superseded my expectations. It simplifies a lot of the duties that the beverage manager, barback, bartender, supervisor, and anybody else on staff is going to have to do. The information is available at the push of the button,” said Stephanie Middleton, Beverage Manager at Bally’s Evansville, a customer of the Performance Platform. “The Performance Platform helped us to capitalize on sales. Once you dive into it, you’ll realize how easy it is to utilize and how much easier it makes everything.”

Filling the void in the market for an efficient data-driven solution to support draft beverage programs, the Performance Platform was recently named “Best New Product” at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show. Out of the dozen products under review, BrewLogix’s new platform was selected as the most innovative new product on the show floor.


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