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Boutique Hotel Solves Signal Strength Woes with Signal Enhancement Tech

Canalta Hotels, the Alberta-based hotel chain in Canada operating 36 properties across Alberta and Saskatchewan, knows a thing or two about providing great service to guests. The company also knows that today’s customers demand effective communications, including WiFi and mobile communications coverage, at all times of their stay, wherever they are in a hotel.
When Canalta Hotels’ own head office ran into problems with mobile phone network coverage, the group realized that solving their isolated issue could be a proving ground to decide the best technology to deploy at any of its properties that had similar mobile network deficiencies that would impact guests and therefore guest satisfaction.  RoamingAround was selected to implement its Roam Boost solution that typically provides the equivalent of an additional three bars of signal strength on the mobile phone equipment of all the major carriers. RoamingAround specializes in mobile solutions for the hospitality industry, and provides mobile applications, mobile payment methods, mobile phone room access and methods for hotels to engage and interact with guests via mobile communications. 
RoamingAround designed for an active Distributed Antenna System (DAS) network to fix particular dead spots within Canalta Hotels. Roam Boost takes an existing signal that may only be present from one spot in the building (such as the roof) and amplifies and channels this signal only where it is needed.  
Canalta Hotels' mission is to provide customers with uncompromising quality.  Roam Boost by RoamingAround is another tool utilized to help the company in its mission of being the best operator in its chosen market.

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