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Boston Pizza Chases Larger Slice of the Market with Integration of Online Ordering Platform

Boston Pizza International, a casual dining chain with nearly 400 stores throughout Canada and the US, has partnered with ONOSYS to develop a revolutionary online ordering platform.

ONOSYS is a robust online ordering tool that manages Internet sales for restaurant companies large and small and adapts seamlessly to the particulars of any menu. Its vivid graphics and logical order flow simplify the customer experience, which ultimately helps boost ticket averages.

Steve Johnstone, chief information officer for Boston Pizza International, says that the company has begun rolling out the ONOSYS platform to all 330+ of its Canadian stores. The goal, he adds, is to expand off-premise sales by providing guests with a highly functional and intuitive web application that incorporates intelligent up-selling features to boost sales.

"Boston Pizza is a well established full-service restaurant and Sports Bar concept with a wide range of menu items, most of which are available for pick-up or delivery." says Johnstone. "We see a tremendous opportunity to improve the experience for those guests who prefer to take advantage of our off-premise sales, and the ONONSYS platform will help us achieve this."

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